How to make Spoon Butter for Conditioning Wood - Dee's Bees NZ

How to make Spoon Butter for Conditioning Wood

Spoon butter, Wood butter, Cutting board cream or Wood conditioner:  whatever you want to call it, this beeswax based wood treatment works wonders for keeping your wood utensils in good condition, preventing cracking and repelling water. 

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Bumble Bees - Dee's Bees NZ

Bumble Bees

There have been quite a few posts around the gardening and beekeeping groups on Facebook over the last couple of weeks, where people are concerned ...

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Mum's Wholemeal Bread Recipe - Dee's Bees NZ

Mum's Wholemeal Bread Recipe

This is the bread my mum  👩‍👧‍👦  has made since I was a kid. It's dense and chewy and moist and has a concrete crust and SUCH flavour. And it make...

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Please don't feed the bees! - Dee's Bees NZ

Please don't feed the bees!

I bit my tongue most of the time when this meme about feeding bees grated apple with water was floating around a week or two ago. But it just hit m...

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NEWS 14-20 January 2019 - Dee's Bees NZ

NEWS 14-20 January 2019

It's a big week for us here at Dee's Bees. The honey harvest has started, our DIY Beeswax Food Wrap Kits are on sale ( 15% OFF!)  and we're giving away a pack of 8 ready-made beeswax food wraps on our Facebook page!

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New Look Labels - Dee's Bees NZ

New Look Labels

Here's a happy for you - our new colourful labels arrived just yesterday, so as from today our kits are heading out the door looking much brighter...

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A Thank You - Dee's Bees NZ

A Thank You

I had the best time at the Craft and Design Show in Napier over the weekend. Thankfully, we didn't quite sell out, so I have enough blend left to c...

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How to make beeswax food wraps - the iron method - Dee's Bees NZ

How to make beeswax food wraps - the iron method


Step-by-step instructions to make your own beeswax food wraps with your iron and our pre-blended blocks of beeswax, damar resin and jojoba oil. The only cleanup you'll have at the end is to throw away a couple of pieces of baking paper - or keep them to re-use next time.

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