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Mum's Wholemeal Bread Recipe

Mum's Wholemeal Bread Recipe

This is the bread my mum  👩‍👧‍👦  has made since I was a kid. It's dense and chewy and moist and has a concrete crust and SUCH flavour.

And it makes the absolute best cheese on toast you've ever eaten. 😛💖

But I gave up on making my own bread years ago really... I couldn't get through a loaf fast enough, and it just wasn't the same out of the freezer.

So many of you said our wraps were keeping your bread beautifully though that I had to pull out my recipe book.

This is day five. FIVE DAYS just sitting on my bench in a beeswax wrap, and there's still plenty of life in it. It's still good just fresh with butter, but this morning is cheese on toast. 

 Want the recipe?

Ok, but before I start, here’s the deal… any recipe that makes it into long term rotation in our house has to be more than tasty…. It has to be easy, it has to be quick, it has to have easy to find ingredients, it has to double and half and take substitutions. This one ticks all those boxes, and involves no kneading, no proving, no rising – just mix it and throw it in a tin.

Mum's Wholemeal Bread Recipe


2 cups white flour (plain or high grade either works)

1 cup wholemeal flour *
¼ cup wheatgerm *
½ cup bran flakes *
¼ cup kibbled wheat *
(* these four ingredients can be substituted with 2 cups of wholemeal flour, or wheatgerm and bran flakes can be substituted with each other, or the kibbled wheat can be replaced with kibbled rye, kibbled mixed grains, or other seeds…. You get the picture, mix and match to suit your tastes).

3 tsp brown sugar

1 tsp salt

2 tsp baking powder

1 tsp baking soda

500 g plain yoghurt (unsweetened, but sweetened works fine – heck, I’ve used the kids' flavoured yoghurts at a pinch and they work fine too.)



Mix all dry ingredients together well. 

Add yoghurt and mix thoroughly. Get your hand in and smoosh it if necessary. The dough should be wet and very sticky. If it seems at all dry, add a splash of milk and mix well.

Put into a well-greased loaf tin, and cover with tinfoil – tent the top a bit to allow room for the bread to rise.

Bake at 200 degrees Celsius for half an hour. 

Remove the tinfoil cover, lower the oven temperature to 180 degrees Celsius and bake for a further half hour. 

Turn out of loaf tin while hot.

Let cool completely before wrapping in your beeswax wrap  (but make sure you butter up that end crust while it's still good and hot and claim it for your own - you deserve it, Chef!).



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