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Life is Better with Beeswax

A sustainable, affordable luxury for your home.

If you are looking for natural, sustainable, planet-friendly alternatives to use when cooking, cleaning or crafting, beeswax is the wonder product for you. Bees play a pivotal role in our lives by pollinating the crops we eat and plants in the wild. Beeswax is just another miracle that comes from these amazing insects. Natural and sustainable, beeswax makes the most amazing candles!

From candles to polishing power, Kev and Dee, the husband and wife team behind Dee’s Bees have unlocked the magic of beeswax with their locally handmade range of practical, beautiful products.

Hi, I’m Dee of Dee’s Bees!

For 15 years Kev and I kept about 150 beehives around Hawke’s Bay, producing honey and pollinating local orchards and farms. We deliberately kept our hive numbers low, which allowed us to give our bees the very best quality of care and attention.

Now that we’ve retired from beekeeping, that same level of care goes into all of our candles and beeswax products.

Naturally, we’re bee lovers and honey fans, but we’re also convinced of the power of beeswax. We utilise this by product of honey making to make our sustainable range of natural candles, wraps, polishes, conditioners and seasonings. These products make our lives a little more environmentally friendly – and a lot more luxurious.

Why Dee's Bees?

Here at Dees Bee's, we’re passionate about bees, and passionate about our planet. We’ve discovered the many sustainability benefits of using beeswax in our home for food storage solutions, polishing and restoration of leather, wood and cookware, for multiple crafting applications and for cleaner, brighter, longer-burning candles.

Discover the benefits of all-natural, locally sourced beeswax for yourself: join the Dee's Bees family and be the first to know about new product drops, sales and to get tips and tricks with beeswax!