Beeswax Wraps Size Guide

Our ready-made beeswax food wraps are available in four convenient sizes to cover all your needs.

Standard 20 x 25 cm

Our smallest wrap, but it's bigger than most other makers, so we call it 'standard' instead.  Perfect for snacks, muffins, cut fruit, smaller bowls and leftovers, but it's even large enough to deal with small childrens' sandwiches.   Versatile and so affordable it's easy to build up a collection. 


Medium 25 x 33 cm

This is my favourite sandwich wrap - long enough to wrap around a sizable sanger or crusty roll, and wide enough to fold the edges for a good seal.    


Large 33 x 33 cm

We're getting serious now.  Large enough to cover a dinner plate, salad bowl, or saucepan in the fridge.  Will handle a full 1 kg block of cheese with ease, a couple of sandwiches, or a jaw-stretching MANwich.


 XL 40 x 45 cm

Whether you bake your own bread, or just love buying a crusty treat, this wrap will handle your large loaf and keep it at its best - the breathable surface keeps your bread fresh, without it getting either dry or sweaty.  Perfect for covering summer platters or a roasting dish (as long as it's cool!)


Want a different size?

You can cut any of our ready-made wraps to suit the size you want, but do think carefully first - they are easy to fold or scrunch up any excess, so you might find them more versatile if you leave them larger. 

Alternatively, use our beeswax blend to make your own wraps in any size or shape you want.  It's easier than you probably think, and we're sure you'll love the feeling of using something you've made yourself.   

Check out our DIY options here