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A Thank You

A Thank You

I had the best time at the Craft and Design Show in Napier over the weekend. Thankfully, we didn't quite sell out, so I have enough blend left to cover this week's website orders while I make some more. 😅

What amazed me though was how many people are already using beeswax wraps - in every group of two or three women at least one was either using the wraps or saw them being used by co-workers, and those who were using them unanimously liked them. It wasn't often I had to explain what they were or how to use them - which left me free to show people how very easy (and economical) it is to make them using our blend.

And, to be honest, the age range of wrap fans surprised me - I had though it would be the younger half more into them - but it was really a very even and broad spread.

No doubt about it - the single-use plastic problem really has become a mainstream concern. And it's so gratifying to see so many people actively taking steps to solve it.

So, thank you, and you, and you... and all of you.💞


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