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Ingredients for our Beeswax Food Wrap Blend

Ingredients for our Beeswax Food Wrap Blend

We often get asked what's in our beeswax food wrap blend. 

Fortunately, that's a really easy question to answer - just three simple, natural ingredients:  beeswax, tree resin and jojoba oil. 

The next most frequent question we get asked is why we don't just use beeswax on its own. 

That's still an easy question to answer - it's just a little longer answer, as each ingredient has a very specific function in the blend. 


Beeswax, of course, is our main ingredient.   It performs two key jobs - making our wraps both moisture proof, and keeping out air that would  dry our food out.   It does more though, having anti-bacterial properties that help to keep our food safe. 

It does have limitations though - pure beeswax is very strong, making a block that is very hard to cut or grate, and in the wrap it is not terribly flexible, doesn't stick well to itself or objects,and in cold weather (or the fridge) becomes rather brittle. 

So, although some people make (and sell) wraps made with pure beeswax alone, we just don't think it does as good a job alone as we need and you deserve.


Tree Resin is simply the collected sap from various species of trees.  Often used in food production, when warm it becomes very sticky and flexible.   Think taffy consistency. 

So tree resin gives us great pliability that lets us form the wrap into any shape we need, but also that tacky consistency lets the wrap cling both to itself, and to bowls or other surfaces.

That's not all though - tree resin has particularly good antibacterial and antimicrobial properties to help make your wraps really hygienic and preserve your food. 


Jojoba oil softens the mix of beeswax and resin, and adds softness and flexibility. 

Jojoba has a confession to make though - it isn't actually an oil, it's a liquid plant wax.  That's a great thing for us, because as a wax it has great anti-oxidant properties and has a nearly unlimited shelf life. 

Many wax wrap producers use different oils - most commonly coconut, sometimes sweet almond or other oils.  These are fine in the short term... but oils have shelf lives, many of them much shorter than the period you might expect to use your wrap for.    What happens at the end of an oil's shelf life?  It goes rancid.   Not something you want in contact with your food. 

We chose jojoba because it does not oxidise and turn rancid like other oils, ensuring your wrap stays fresh and pleasant to use throughout its life, but also so that you don't have to use your wrap blend block immediately. 


So there you have it.   Simple, really. 

Our three ingredients all have naturally long lives, so if you buy a block now to pop away for a Christmas present, you know it will come out of your cupboard in perfect condition... even if you are prone to my trick of forgetting where you hid it and don't find it for a year or two. 

 Of course, the next question we get asked is how much of each goes into our recipe. 

 Well, a girl's got to have some secrets.  






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