Caring For Your Wraps

 Our wraps can easily last a year with regular use and some basic care. 


Using your Dee's Bees wraps

Just fold and press your wraps around bowls, fruit, etc.   For delicate items such as sandwiches and baking, fold the wrap around the item, and then press the edges of the wrap together to seal, without squashing the contents. 

Our wraps are naturally tacky and will stick to themselves and hold on well to bowls, glasses, bottles and so on, staying exactly where you put them.  They create a seal which stops food drying out, but at the same time lets it breath to prevent sweating. 

Wraps can be used in the fridge or freezer as well as lunch boxes.

Do not use on hot dishes, in dishwashers or microwaves.  Avoid leaving in direct sunlight - eg, hot kitchen benches under sunny windows.


Cleaning your wraps

Brush or shake off any loose crumbs, and then handwash in cool water with a dash of dishwashing liquid.  If crumbs have been pressed into the wrap, soaking it for a few minutes will loosen them.  

Wiping down with a sponge is usually enough to clean the wraps, but don't be afraid to use a scrub brush if necessary - they're tougher than you think!

Rinse well, shake off excess water and air dry thoroughly before putting away. 

We keep a few rolled in an old flower vase on the bench for easy access, with backups folded in a drawer.