Cast Iron Seasoning


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Our blend of beeswax with carefully selected oils forms a perfect hard, durable coating to protect and extend the life of your cast iron pans, while making non-stick cooking and cleanup easy. 

And we went the extra mile with this blend, matching our pure New Zealand beeswax with New Zealand grown sunflower, rapeseed and olive oils to give you a premium seasoning that is 100% natural, 100% local, and 100% GMO free.

To season new or used cast iron pans

First, if you are restoring an older pan, scrub thoroughly with steel wool and soap to remove any rust, then wash and dry thoroughly. 

Preheat oven to 200°C / 400°F.

Warm your pan gently on the stovetop until the wax blend melts on contact, but the pan is still able to be handled. 
Take a pea-sized piece of the wax blend and allow it to melt in the pan.  With a soft cloth or paper towel, spread the wax blend to apply a thin layer to the pan, making sure to coat all surfaces inside and out, and don't forget the handle. 
Buff away any excess wax.
Place in hot oven upside down for 40 minutes.   The seasoning will smoke as it heats - this is part of the polymerisation process and should be expected. 
Allow to cool in oven.
Reapply 3-5 times to build a good seasoning base.

Once your pan is properly seasoned, this process won't need to be repeated unless the seasoning is damaged.

Maintaining your cast iron pans

After cooking, wash your pan as usual, preferably while still warm.

Dry your pan thoroughly, and place on a warm element to ensure no water remains.   

While the pan is warming on the element, apply a small amount of the wax blend to the cooking surface with a paper towel and buff away any excess.   Allow the pan to heat until smoking, then turn off the heat and let the pan cool slowly.


For a more detailed guide to seasoning and caring for your cast iron cookware, read our blog post



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Customer Reviews

Based on 38 reviews
Serena Scott (Parau, NZ)
Cast iron wax

Great product ! Highly recommended


Works great! Very happy with this wonderful NZ product

Bernie Roodt (Tauranga, NZ)

Cast Iron Seasoning

James Walsh (Christchurch, NZ)

Cast Iron Seasoning


Awesome product

Vince (Auckland, NZ)
Seasoning Cast Iron and carbon steel

I used the product to season the following :
- a cast Iron Dutch Oven
- A cast Iron Fry Pan
- A carbon Steel French skillet
- A paella pan also carbon steel
None of the above were new, first off with the Cast Iron ones, I left them in the oven on the oven cleaning cycle which burnt off all the old seasoning and crud build up , this showed up some underlying rust which I scoured off using a Sabco scouring pad and a heavy duty green scourer.
I then did one light coat of Dees bees on each item and baked them one at a time in turn in my Webber BBQ at max heat for 1 hr and let them cool down.
I repeated the deed bees treatment 3 times for each item. the cast iron looks fantastic as does the carbon steel, by the second time I cooked with them they were pretty much non stick.
Tip : do not wash the pans with detergent, use hot water and wipe them down, it is important the pans build up the oils , the more you use them the better they get. Very impressed. The rust has not returned and the surfaces have after a couple of uses become almost non stick.
I can recommend Dees Bees

Ray Martin
Best seasoning

Been using cast iron for years, this us the best seasoning I have ever come across.

Michelle Quince (Miranda, NZ)
Cast iron saviour

Our old cast iron skillet was a little worse for wear but this seasoning has done the trick and made it good as new.

glenda ferguson (Wellington, NZ)
cast iron seasoning

awesomely great service, lovely to deal with- totally recommend

Aliaksandar Haleisha (Porirua, NZ)

Cast Iron Seasoning