Covid-19 Status and Operational Updates for Dee's Bees

23 April 2020:   Yes, We're Open!

Go you clever Kiwis! We are so very, very proud of everything we've done together to get on top of this pandemic. We know the battle isn't over yet, and as we move into Level 3 on Tuesday 28 April, we hope you will continue to commit with us to eliminate Covid-19 from New Zealand, to stay safe, and be kind.

Under Level 3, we will be able to ship orders again. Our website is open for orders right now, and orders placed during lockdown will be first out the door on Tuesday 28 April.

How We're Keeping You Safe

  • I say "we" - I actually mean "me", Dee. 
  • I work alone, from home, and make and pack all of our products myself. 
  • Please be assured that all hygiene procedures are in place.   
  • I have sufficient materials in stock for around two months at normal sales levels, so we will be operating on a 'zero inwards' basis through this period. 
  • With our children staying home from school with distance learning, I am effectively still living and working in a Level 4 isolation.
  • We have always operated a contactless pickup with our courier, and obviously will continue to do so.

Kia kaha, Aotearoa!



25 March 2020, 9.00 am

We have just been advised that our couriers, Aramex, are now limited to collection of essential goods only as we enter the lockdown today. 

Therefore, at this point we are UNABLE TO DISPATCH ANY ORDERS.   

We hope that as the situation evolves, and risks around supply are better understood we may be able to dispatch orders at a later date, but as it stands right now we must expect to be shut down for the period of the lockdown. 

Long story short:  you can place an order, but I can't send it to you right now. 

We fully support the government's goals of eradicating the Covid-19 virus with the lockdown.   

Please help it succeed by doing the same.. stay home, stay safe, and we'll see you in four weeks. 




24 March 2020, 9.28 pm

- superceded - please scroll up and read more recent update.

  • Dee's Bee is currently OPEN for online orders in New Zealand.   
  • To minimise any potential for exposure, we will limit courier pickups to MONDAY and THURSDAY each week during the lockdown. 
  • We will NOT send international orders, or to PO boxes in New Zealand during the lockdown, as that would require me to leave home. 
  • If availability of courier services changes (eg if the government limits couriers to essential goods handling only), any unshipped orders at that point will be offered a full refund or a later shipping date.
  • This is a rapidly evolving situation, and I'm doing my best to stay current and correct.   Our courier systems may struggle with demand and have to prioritise essential goods, which could mean delays in deliveries, so please be patient.  Expect delivery to take up to a week, rather than our usual few days. 


    The long version:

    On 25 March, New Zealand goes into a four week lockdown in a bid to eliminate Covid-19. 

    As at today, information from government websites, our courier Aramex and Retail NZ all agree that I will be able to continue operating and couriering out orders during the lockdown.  

    Although our products are not part of the essential good/services category, the following means I can keep operating:

    • our business is fully self-contained at our home address, and I am the only staff member. 
    • my courier is legally able to continue picking up from my address and delivering orders, and we have a contactless pickup.

    In terms of incoming exposure to our business, there really isn't any.   I have a large stock of fabric and wax ingredients, which should be more than enough to see us through the month. 

    So in terms of limiting risks from products going out:

    • Apologies to my international customers, but I will NOT be shipping orders internationally during the lockdown.  Pre-lockdown I shipped international orders several days each week, which necessitates a trip into town to the post shop each time.   To support the lockdown I'm going to eliminate that exposure by not shipping internationally for now.   
    • On the same basis, apologies also to those who use PO Boxes - I will not be shipping to PO Boxes in New Zealand for the duration of the lockdown.  
    • For the rest of my customers (which is the majority of you) using courier/rural delivery, I will reduce courier pickups from five days a week to just two - Monday and Thursday.  This cuts potential exposures between Shiv (my courier driver) and I by 60%, and lowers his workload during this high pressure time.  
    • We already operated a contactless pickup before Covid was even a word - obviously this will continue, with increased hygiene measures as well. 

    I will update this page with any changes as they happen.   Please feel free to phone me on 027 244 1751 if you want further info or clarification. 

    Thank you for your support, and your patience throughout the lockdown.  

     Stay safe, stay warm, and for heaven's sake, stay home.