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Making Beeswax Food Wraps - beginnings.

Making Beeswax Food Wraps - beginnings.


There are plenty of places on the internet that will give you a recipe to make your own beeswax wraps.   

Some of them work well, some of them don't... none of them will come and clean your kitchen bench or the pots and pans you'll end up coating in beeswax. 

We've been beekeepers for over 10 years, and through that time I've played with many uses for products from our hives.   I'd seen plenty of wraps being sold online and at markets, and even bought a few of various types.   Much like the online recipes, some were ok, some weren't.  Most were waxed sparingly enough that they didn't work terribly long, and many were rather expensive.   There had to be a better option.

So, with the assistance of some wax from our hives, and the addition of some tree resin and jojoba oil, I started playing.   After a good bit of experimentation with the ratios of ingredients, I had a recipe I was happy with.   It sunk into and coated the fabric well, it was flexible and pliable, it was tacky and clung to itself and any bowl or fruit I wrapped it around.  We had a winner! 

Not only did the wrap work just as I wanted, the leftover blend set into a lovely convenient bar, which was quite firm enough to handle, but also shaved and grated much, much more easily than a block of solid beeswax (the knuckles I've skinned grating solid beeswax over the years!).

So, long story short... well, a little less long at least... it seemed too good not to share.  And in the short couple of months since we started selling these blocks, a few hundred customers have agreed with us. 

Here's to many more in the future  - we hope you'll be one of them. 


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