#8 Square Braided Cotton Candle Wick


Manufactured by Atkins & Pearce in the USA, square braided cotton wicks are specially designed and recognised worldwide as the preferred wick for beeswax. 

Made of natural cotton fibres, this wick has an open braid design which allows it to effectively draw up beeswax and other viscous waxes, and is designed to curl as it burns to maximise wick consumption and minimise carbon build up. 

#8 is recommended for candles of approximately 8.9 cm or 3.5 inches diameter.      

These wicks are also sold by Thornes, a popular beekeeping supply company in the UK, who sell them under their own numbering system,   A&P #8 is referred to by Thornes as Size 9.     For your convenience, we have labelled the wick with both numbering systems - We suggest you cross out the numbering system on the label that you do not use to avoid confusion. 


Atkins & Pearce size:  #8

Thornes UK size:  9

Suggested candle diameter:  8.9 cm / 3.5 in

Rate of consumption:  8.8 grams wax/hour

Flame Height:  5.89 cm

Pool Diameter:  6.55 cm

Available in a 5 metre length on cardboard flat spool, or a 30 metre length on a corflute flat spool. 

Please note that we cannot recommend wicks for your specific molds - wick selection is a matter of the candlemaker testing molds, wax and wicks to find a combination that works for them. 


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