Forest Song 3-Pack


We've got you covered with our handy three pack of beeswax wraps - perfect for a substantial lunch, or to sort out your fridge. 


These kiwiana trios all go together so beautifully, I couldn't make up my mind which set I liked better - so I'm leaving it up to you.  

Kowhai, Harakeke, Pohutukawa:  This pack contains one large wrap (33 x 33 cm) in Kowhai, one medium wrap (25 x 33 cm) in Harakeke, and one standard wrap (20 x 25 cm) in Pohutukawa.

Pohutukawa, Harakeke, Kowhai:  This pack contains one large wrap (33 x 33 cm) in Pohutukawa, one medium wrap (25 x 33 cm) in Harakeke, and one standard wrap (20 x 25 cm) in Kowhai.



We’re all about reducing all sorts of waste, not just plastic.  Your wraps can be individually banded (as pictured), but if you’re buying just for yourself, you’re probably going to only read one of the bands, right? Just select from the drop down whether you want your wraps banded or not, and help us save a few trees.


How To Use Your Beeswax Wraps

Any time you reach for the plastic sandwich bags or plastic wrap, you can probably use a beeswax wrap.

Simply shape and fold your beeswax wrap around your bowl or food, using gentle pressure and the warmth of your hands to create a seal.  

Use for bread, cheese, vegetables or fruit, sandwiches and snacks, and to cover dishes. Safe for use in the fridge and freezer.

Do not use your wrap on raw meat, as the wrap cannot be cleaned with hot water.


How to Care For Your Beeswax Wraps

Your beeswax wraps can easily last a year or more with regular use, with some simple care.

Handwash your wraps in cool water with dishwashing liquid. Do not use hot water, or put in the dishwasher, microwave or oven – you’ll melt the wax right out!

Air dry, and store however is convenient for you - folded in a drawer, or rolled into cylinders in a jar. Do not store in direct summer sunlight.


Refresh Your Beeswax Wraps

If you find after repeated use that the wax is moving away from crease lines or feels a bit uneven, you can easily refresh your wraps by melting the wax to redistribute it. You can use either the oven or iron methods to refresh your wraps, just using the heat to redistribute the existing wax.


Recharge Your Wraps

Over time and with a lot of ongoing use the wax in your wraps will deplete. Often the fabric still has a lot of life in it, but the wrap simply dries out and no longer sticks the way it did.

Great News! You can use our DIY beeswax wrap blend to re-wax your wraps!

Use either the oven or iron method – your choice – just follow the instructions as if you were making a new wrap. Be aware that you may need very little wax – it’s usually just that top layer you need to replace, so go easy.


End of Life

When your wrap finally wears out (or, let's be honest, when you feel the need for a cute new design), your wrap is fully compostable and biodegradable, so you can simply add to your compost bin or just bury in your garden, or even use as a weed matting. If you have a fireplace then your tired wrap will make a wonderful firelighter.


Handmade Just For You

Please note, all our wraps are handmade by an actual living human, so small variations are inevitable.

We will always do our best to send your order out within 2-3 working days.  Occasionally we may need to make your products to order, so if you need an something in a particularly tight timeline, feel free to drop us an email or give us a call on 06 876 8852 and we'll do our best to help. 


Delivery Costs and Timelines

New Zealand:

$7 within urban areas, $9 to rural areas.   (2-3 working days after dispatch) Free delivery on orders over $100.

We currently send via Courierpost. 

Australia & Rest of World:

 Sadly, due to rising costs of international delivery and extended delivery delays, as of 3 November 2020 we have removed our international shipping option. 


We hope to resume international deliveries when the situation improves, but for now we believe this is our only option to avoid disappointment to customers.   


International Orders and Bee Products

Different countries have different rules around importation of natural products, and it's common for beeswax not to be allowed in order to protect the health of their local bees.  We get it.  After all, Kev and I (Dee) are beekeepers, first and foremost.

HOWEVER, we have very tight biosecurity and good bee health here in New Zealand, and as many of our products are a blend of beeswax, tree resin and other oils, there is no risk they will ever end up being used directly in a beehive, as a block of pure beeswax might.   

Therefore we've had no problem with border restrictions, and as at the date of writing this, our products have been sent without problem to Australia, the US, Canada, the UK, and a dozen other countries . 

Some countries may have various border or import charges - please note that you will be responsible for any such charges. 


Route Shipping Insurance

At checkout you'll see the option to purchase Route shipping insurance on your order.   

It's usually a very small cost, and Route is underwritten by Lloyds of London, so you can trust them to pay for a replacement for your order if it is lost for any reason. 

We don't think this insurance is really necessary in New Zealand, so feel free to untick if you like, but we highly recommend it for international orders, as these travel via untracked airmail  (tracked is about four times the price!). 


What about packaging?  Do you use plastic?

We're committed to eliminating plastic wherever we can - the clear bags our kits are packaged in are NOT plastic.  They are genuine cellophane, made from vegetable cellulose and are fully biodegradable and home compostable. 

And we're very happy to announce that the black courier bags we use are also NOT plastic!  They are made from plants (mostly corn I believe), and are fully biodegradable, and home compostable.  And, a little oddly, they smell like fresh toast, or maybe popcorn!

It's not just plastic we're about reducing though - You'll see on our naked DIY blocks you have the option to buy without packaging, and on every one of our ready-made wrap pages we encourage customers to let us know if they don't need individual packaging on the wraps. 



All prices on this website are in New Zealand Dollars.  

We offer the following payment options for your convenience:





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Customer Reviews

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Karen Brook

Forest Song 3-Pack

Suzanne Jordan (Christchurch, NZ)
Most attractive lunch package in town

I love your food wraps. The patterns are beautiful and the three sizes are so handy. Food keeps so fresh and they’re easy to clean. I bought two packs because we wrap our cheese in them too.

Sheryl Simpson - Rua Awa Lodge (Palmerston North, NZ)

Forest Song 3-Pack

Karen (Auckland, NZ)
Forest song 3 pack

Great product makes a lovely gift

Judy Strawbridge (Waipukurau, NZ)
Forest Song 3-Pack

Awesome service. Quick Delivery. Packaging biodegradable. Great product.

Jasmin Wilson (Auckland, NZ)
Love this product so many designs available

Love using these bee wraps as opposed to single use plastic wrap so many great designs available and love the snack & sandwich bags too!

Gloria Merrilees (Invercargill, NZ)
Bees Wax Wraps 3 pk

Love them and their design