Beeswax Firelighters


**NOTE:  We have a new method of making these from May 2024, which means they are now larger, denser and will burn for longer than previously.  Expect 15 minutes of burn time or more**

Perfect for lighting your warming winter fires, getting your summer barbeque going, or  starting a blazing campfire.

Each of these little beauties lights easily and burns for between 12 and 15 minutes, burning strongly enough to start a fire even when wood is not perfectly dry or kindling is in short supply. 

Lightweight, compact and waterproof, they'll even light after being dunked in water, making them an essential addition to any camping kit.  

Made from cotton fabric and the same beeswax, tree resin and oil blend we use for our beeswax wraps, these great natural and non-toxic firestarters burn hot, long and strong.


Supplied in paper bags or cardboard boxes. 


To use: 

  • Lift a corner of fabric to use as a wick. 
  • Set your fire and place the firelighter in among the kindling.   
  • Light firelighter with a match only when in place - DO NOT light the firelighter while holding it. 
  • The firelighter will burn for 12-15 minutes, giving your fire plenty of time to get established.  Feed more wood onto the fire as needed.

Safety Notes:

  • Do not store near fire -  the wax blend may melt and stain the surface they are on. 
  • Do not light firelighter while holding it - these burn hot and catch fire quickly. 
  • Yes, they are colourful.  NO, they will NOT make a beautiful alternative to birthday cake candles.  
  • Please make sure fires are only lit in a safe location, and ensure you follow all local seasonal fire restrictions. 
  • Always ensure that fires are properly contained and safely extinguished. 



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International Orders and Bee Products

We send our beeswax candles, wraps, DIY blend, and polishes  worldwide and have never had a problem with border restrictions.   Generally finished beeswax products are acceptable for import in most countries.

However, in some countries raw beeswax may not to be allowed in order to protect the health of their local bees.  We get it.  After all, Kev and  Dee are beekeepers, first and foremost.  On that basis, we opt to make our beeswax blocks and pellets available to New Zealand addresses only. 


Some countries may have various border or import charges - please note that you will be responsible for any such charges. 


What about packaging?  Do you use plastic?

We're committed to eliminating plastic wherever we can - the clear bags our kits are packaged in are NOT plastic.  They are genuine cellophane, made from vegetable cellulose and are fully biodegradable and home compostable. 

And we're very happy to announce that the black courier bags we use are also NOT plastic!  They are made from plants and are fully biodegradable, and home compostable.  And, a little oddly, they smell like fresh toast, or maybe popcorn!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 12 reviews
Anna (Auckland, NZ)
Beeswax Firelighters

These are fabulous! Light easily, keep burning for ages and smell good.

Nerida Henderson (Christchurch, NZ)
Love them!

I love having a fire but hated the smelly fire lighters and didn’t seem great either. Then I found these beeswax firelighters and I love them, plus they last a while which means your fire is going to light each time without using more. Thanks for making these. Ps they smell so good my dog wants to eat them.

Helen Webb Webb (Auckland, NZ)

Used one of these firelighters & it does what it says, no smell & lasts a long time. Highly recommend.

Brent Hubert (Christchurch, NZ)
Excellent Firelighters

First time I have used these. Great quality product with long burn time. Would definitely purchase again.

Mike K. (Christchurch, NZ)
Beeswax Firelighters

Awesome Firelighters, easy to light and stay lid.

Lauren (Auckland, NZ)
Natural fire lighters

We love bees, we love to save the planet and we love fires in winter …. The perfect trifecta really! Great sustainable idea

MB (Wellington, NZ)
Great firelighters

We have used beeswax fire lighters for the last couple of years and are delighted with Dee’s Bees beeswax firelighters. They are easy to light and never fail to light the fire.

Regan Courtney (Christchurch, NZ)
Dees Bees Firelighters

I am a bushcraft intructor with OTNZ (Outdoor Training NZ) & always on the lookout for something that helps light fire in wet conditions. These firelighters are pretty big, but also quite light & will produce a very large flame for about 16 minutes! Great for drying wet wood & starting fires in wet, windy conditions. I have tried them on wet ground & in wind & they work. Well worth it for an emergency fire in NZ conditions. They do not work well with a ferro rod but using a lighter or matches work very well as a " fire extender" to get a damp wood lit.

Anthea Ellis (Nelson, NZ)
Love them!

It's so nice having decent firefighters that don't smell disgusting, are easy to light and stay lit.

Kirsty Douglas (Palmerston North, NZ)
Beeswax fire lighters

Love love love them. No more toxic nasty smell. Love the bees wax smell. Great price. Great delivery. Buying another box.