Free service - Hastings, Napier and surrounds

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If a swarm of honey bees arrives on your property, call us and we will remove it free of charge in the Napier/Hastings and surrounds area of Hawke's Bay.

      Phone   027 244 1751   or   06 876 8852.

If we are unable to attend, we can organise another local beekeeper to help you.

When you call, please have the following information ready:

  1. Exact address of the property and your contact details.
  2. Location of the swarm on the property, including height off the ground and any access issues (so we can bring appropriate equipment, ladders, etc).
  3. Size of the swarm, and how long they have been at the location.
  4. Are you sure they are bees and not wasps? (We can find someone to help you deal with wasps too)


Dealing with Swarms

Swarms can look intimidating, with thousands of bees in the air at one time, or a large mass of bees gathered in a cluster, but they're generally very peaceful, and are really only interested in conserving their energy and staying quiet while their scouts go look for a new home. They have no hive, no young or honey to defend, so if you don't bother them, they won't bother you.

So there's your first rule - leave them alone.

Please don't try to knock hanging swarms down, or spray them with water or insecticides to get them to leave - they won't leave until their scouts tell them they have somewhere to go, so the likely result is that you will make them defensive, and you may get stung. Just call us as soon as possible and leave them alone in the meantime.

If a swarm is in the air they can cover a great distance in a short time, so we can't attend until the swarm lands somewhere. Please call us as soon as you notice a landed swarm, rather than waiting for them to move on - moving on could mean that they've found a lovely site for a hive in the eaves of your house or a neighbour's shed. We need to get to them before they've moved into a new home where they may not be accessible for removal, and have to be destroyed instead.