Help! I have a swarm on my property! How much will you charge to remove it?

Nothing. Zip. Nada. Not a cent.

We don't charge to remove swarms - we do it as a free public service.

We're just nice that way.

Hey! I have a swarm on my property! How much will you pay me for it?

Nothing. Zip. Nada. Not a cent.


We don't pay for swarms, but then we don't charge to remove them either. Swarms may turn out to be viable colonies, or they may turn out to be carrying poisons or disease which could result in us having to destroy the bees, and burn the hive we put them in as well, costing us a lot of work and money in the process.

I have a beehive. Will you give or sell me a swarm to put in it?

No. For the same reasons we don't pay for swarms, we don't sell them either.

Swarms come with unknown genetics and disease history, usually have an old queen, and while as experienced beekeepers we are prepared to take the risk and give a swarm the months required to establish and prove itself, we wouldn't feel good about passing that risk on to anyone else.

If you want to acquire bees, consider purchasing one of our nucleus colonies. Bred from our established stock, we are confident in their health, temperament and productivity.

Do you sell mated queen bees, or queen cells?

We sell nucleus colonies of bees, which include a mated queen, but we do not sell queens on their own. We do produce queens, but only enough for our own needs.

Do you sell hiveware and beekeeping equipment?

No. If you are in Hawke's Bay, we highly recommend a visit to Arataki Honey Centre, who are stockists for Ecrotek, the biggest bee equipment supplier in the country. Alternatively, you can shop at online at

We also like Bees-R-Us:

So how do you pronounce "nuc" without sounding like a total novice?

It's "nuke".

Nuc is short for 'nucleus', so however you pronounce that - new-cleus or noo-cleus - is fine.

(Just don't call it a 'nuck'.)